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2017 Pumpkin Growing Season

Hello Everyone,

I’m slow getting my posts going this year.  I am growing 3 plants and 3 will have   pumpkins that were pollinated late.  I prefer  to pollinate at the latest by June 30th, but this year, I have pollinated as late as July 9th.  The first plant is the 2066 Geddes 2016 I just discovered the watering system I had set up was not working correctly for this plant.  I have fixed the problem and hope it will take off soon, but the plant is very small (150 square feet).  I have one pollinated 7 feet out starting July 3rd.  Normally, I want 10-15 feet out, but since it is such a short growing season, I will keep this one.

The other two plants are from my seed, the 1268 Corbin 2015.  This seed was used to grow the Wyoming state record last year by Ron Hoffman  1322 Hoffman 2016. I tried to grow the 1268 last year, but lost out to a rabbit.  This year, two of my plants are the 1268.  First, when the pumpkin is young, it appears green.

I have also never seen so many flowers with perfect lobes.

I hope to be able to spend more time in the patch this year and am looking forward to another pumpkin growing season.

I've been growing pumpkins since I was a small boy and I've always wanted to grow a giant pumpkin! The preferred seed to use when I was little was the Big Max". I remember that I was able to grow a pumpkin over sixty pounds once. Using today's standard, that's extremely small.

I started growing the Atlantic Dill Pumpkin Seed years ago and ended up with a pumpkin over three hundred pounds. Since then, I've been pouring over the Internet to find the best known secrets to grow these giants. This site will provide you with the links, suggestions, and the necessary information to grow a giant pumpkin.