2323.7 Meier 20142013 GPC World Pumpkin Record2012 World Record Pumpkin, 2009 Pounds Grown By Ron Wallace.1818.5 Jim and Kelsey Bryson World Record2010 World Pumpkin Record 1810.5 pounds--Chris Stevens2009 World Pumpkin Record 1725 pounds--Christy Harp2007 World Pumpkin Record 1689 pounds--Joe Jutras2006 World Pumpkin Record 1502 pounds--Ron Wallace2005 World Pumpkin Record 1469 pounds--Larry Checkon

Going For Orange

compareI am really only growing two pumpkins for size.  You can see the one on the right has a beautiful yellow color so I’m hoping for a dark red-orange final color.

Neither pumpkin is going to break any records this year! In fact, I’m several hundred pounds behind where I should be.  I have been out of town this summer for at least a month total.  One stretch, I was out of town for almost two weeks during a critical time that you need to care for the plant.  I thought I could automate most of it, but this has proven me wrong.  I can’t imagine how much time some growers spend in their patch each season.  This hobby can consume large amounts of time to do it correctly.  I am experimenting with a few things this year to see how it works out and having fun trying!

Grow Big and Orange!


I've been growing pumpkins since I was a small boy and I've always wanted to grow a giant pumpkin! The preferred seed to use when I was little was the Big Max". I remember that I was able to grow a pumpkin over sixty pounds once. Using today's standard, that's extremely small.

I started growing the Atlantic Dill Pumpkin Seed years ago and ended up with a pumpkin over three hundred pounds. Since then, I've been pouring over the Internet to find the best known secrets to grow these giants. This site will provide you with the links, suggestions, and the necessary information to grow a giant pumpkin.