1223 RadachWhat an interesting season.  I had planned to grow the 814.5 Radach and grow orange, but unsuccessfully germinated the seed.  I was out of town during this time so it was most likely my own fault.   He was kind enough and sent me his 1223 seed also and that seed’s genetic is the 2009 Wallace X Self.  You can lookup the seeds on my genetic web site which is located here:  http://tools.pumpkinfanatic.com/.  I started this plant in my “hoop house” and it was a little slow out of the gate.  The main vine was a double vine which reached a height of about five feet high and was five feet out.  I noticed this too late and the vine severely bent in half.  I know many growers would have pulled the plant, but I was limited on my options and time so I set one on this horribly bent main about 10 feet out.   I had several vines on the side appear to be ribbon, but I just buried them like I do all my vines.  The plant was very susceptible to sun and I burned off the main 2 feet beyond the pumpkin and most of my side vines burned off too.  My plant ended up not filling up the patch I had allocated for it.  I trimmed everything up and just hoped for the best.  WOW,  3 days I had 38 pound a day growth and the Fruit continues to keep chugging along putting 25 pounds a day.  I will be asking if he has anymore of these seeds and might try again next  year.  It will be fun to see where this one ends up.