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Growing Season 2015

Pumpkin Weigh Off Competition

Standing on Giant PumpkinI had a successful end to my growing season.  I have many people to thank for my success through the years that helped me get to this weight, but I’ll only mention a few here.  First, I consider Ron Hoffman my mentor and friend.  He has provided me with a ton of suggestions and guidance and growing a pumpkin of this size would not have been possible without his advice.  Second, Jamie Johnson posts many tips and suggestions on  In my opinion, he does the best job maintaining current information about pumpkin growing. The Biz (Jim Grande), provided me with the best information to germinate my seeds and of course Joe Scherber and Pete Mohr are always willing to provide advice.  Glenna Rea, helped me getting my watering system dialed in.  I’m sure I’ve left others off that definitely deserve credit.  This is just to show that you always need to reach out to growers who are better than you for advice.  Without these contacts throughout the years, I definitely would have struggled.

My 1223 Radach pumpkin weighed in at 1268 for my  personal best.  I then received a 2036 Glasier seed which also grew my second largest pumpkin at 1094.  Many growers that I have encountered are very generous with their seeds and I do appreciate the opportunity to grow them.

As I’m typing this lightning just struck the steel poles I have in the garden.  Maybe this will electrify my soil for next year…ha ha ha.

Hail in September?

I had just posted a picture of a beautiful pumpkin on , and we had a hail storm roll through the evening of the 17th.  Unfortunately, our hail storms usually quite by the end of August and we had just removed our hail netting two weeks prior.  I took this photo the next day, but the plants are looking really rough compared to the photo.

Luckily two of my pumpkins were covered.  My 1223 Radach is still putting on 7 pounds a day at day 88.


2015 Pumpkin Update

2036Glasier09092015scaledThis one is still growing 7 pounds a day.  I’m hoping to go over a 1000 pounds with this one.

The most recent photo of the 1223 Radach can be found on Facebook at  I was so worried that I might have lost it to a blossom split.  We have been monitoring it for the past 7 days and it is clear that the split is not bad and does not go into the cavity.  You can insert a grass blade about an inch and then it bends.  This is within the blossom itself versus to the side of the blossom.  We are so happy that this pumpkin is still gaining 10 to 12 pounds a day.  The pumpkin was pollinated in June so I’m feeling very lucky to see those gains still.  It definitely tapes over 1000 pounds.

I have a chance to have two personal bests this year with the wonderful weather we have been experiencing.

1223 Radach

1223 RadachWhat an interesting season.  I had planned to grow the 814.5 Radach and grow orange, but unsuccessfully germinated the seed.  I was out of town during this time so it was most likely my own fault.   He was kind enough and sent me his 1223 seed also and that seed’s genetic is the 2009 Wallace X Self.  You can lookup the seeds on my genetic web site which is located here:  I started this plant in my “hoop house” and it was a little slow out of the gate.  The main vine was a double vine which reached a height of about five feet high and was five feet out.  I noticed this too late and the vine severely bent in half.  I know many growers would have pulled the plant, but I was limited on my options and time so I set one on this horribly bent main about 10 feet out.   I had several vines on the side appear to be ribbon, but I just buried them like I do all my vines.  The plant was very susceptible to sun and I burned off the main 2 feet beyond the pumpkin and most of my side vines burned off too.  My plant ended up not filling up the patch I had allocated for it.  I trimmed everything up and just hoped for the best.  WOW,  3 days I had 38 pound a day growth and the Fruit continues to keep chugging along putting 25 pounds a day.  I will be asking if he has anymore of these seeds and might try again next  year.  It will be fun to see where this one ends up.

1103 Young


The 1103 initially concerned me due to its torpedo shape.  However, it did grow out of it and I think it will be a brilliant orange.  This is my wife’s favorite pumpkin, but it might end up too big to take to her classroom.  Due to my busy schedule I was unable to get this one planted and in the hoop house right away so it was a little root bound when transplanted.  The plant pulled out of it and is growing nicely.  I am using a spider shaped pattern with the vines on this one.  The plant is very durable and has survived 60+ mile an hour gusts and where the plant was outside the hail netting, it has suffered some damage.  I’m sure happy I grew this seed this year.

2036 Glasier-Around Day 20


As you can see, the 2036 is a very white pumpkin.  It has been the fastest growing plant that I have ever experienced.  It was the first to germinate and grew the fastest after that.  This photo was taken around day 20.  I did have one double vine(ribbon) grow off of one of my side vines, but at around 10 ft, it grew into two.  The Fruit itself has been steady so I hope it remains that way for many more days ahead.  I’m averaging about 24 pounds a day right now and I’m hoping that will bump up to 35 to 40 like my 1223 Radach has been doing.

This Year’s Lineup

I request very few seed from fellow growers and this year’s pumpkins that I tried to germinate are:

Stay tuned for the final results on what worked.

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