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Growing Season 2016

Wyoming State Giant Pumpkin Record


The New Wyoming Giant Pumpkin Record is 1322 Pounds!

Ron Hoffman does it once again, setting the Wyoming State Record for the largest pumpkin grown.  Ron is an incredible grower and has been growing giant pumpkins longer than anyone in Wyoming.  He works hard at the hobby, but his character speaks to more than just growing pumpkins.  Ron is always willing to share advise, provide seeds, and is extremely humble.  I am very happy that he has the title back.

This year, my pumpkins were not as large.  I definitely learned that you can not automate giant pumpkin growing.  I am always learning and maybe learning more what not to do.  This year’s lesson, don’t let your side vines get out of control and grow tertiary vines everywhere.

Covered Up

pumpkinpatcheveningIt’s getting late and you can see how I tarp some of my pumpkins.  When I am home, I usually put two blankets on them and then tarp them to keep the moisture off.  Jack Frost was early this year and I have a photo on Facebook of the entire patch that shows the damage.

Going For Orange

compareI am really only growing two pumpkins for size.  You can see the one on the right has a beautiful yellow color so I’m hoping for a dark red-orange final color.

Neither pumpkin is going to break any records this year! In fact, I’m several hundred pounds behind where I should be.  I have been out of town this summer for at least a month total.  One stretch, I was out of town for almost two weeks during a critical time that you need to care for the plant.  I thought I could automate most of it, but this has proven me wrong.  I can’t imagine how much time some growers spend in their patch each season.  This hobby can consume large amounts of time to do it correctly.  I am experimenting with a few things this year to see how it works out and having fun trying!

Grow Big and Orange!


Heavy Snow

The snow caught me by surprise and I did not have all the posts up to support the hail netting. I have upgraded to 1 inch electrical conduit and it still bent down from the weight of the snow. This afternoon, I was able to repair the holes in my netting and I have established some additional supports. We had a high today of 45 and the weather needs to warm up so the pumpkin plants can start growing. This year, it’s big and orange is my goal!


Pumpkin April Fools


Growing pumpkins in altitude above 6000.

Growing pumpkins in altitude above 6000

It’s April 1st and there is still a lot of snow on the ground. I was hoping to start preparing the patch this weekend, but it will have to wait a few weeks now to let everything dry out. I sure do love the snow, but I’m ready and looking forward to another year of growing pumpkins.

This year, my goal is to grow a giant orange pumpkin that is very symmetrical. I have a few seeds in mind that I hope to get to try.

Wishing everyone the best of luck in 2016.

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