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Ron’s Bio


I’m not sure how long Ron has been growing pumpkins in Wyoming, but I do know he seems to break the record every year.  You can learn more about Ron at his web site.

2010 Wyoming Record

1011 Hoffman 10 (1446.5 Werner 07 x 1180.5 Pukos 07) 11% light

The 1446.5 plant was a vigorous plant and was easy to work with. By day 10, the first Fruit in the “pollination zone” began to noticeably grow faster than the other 3 patch pumpkins and continued distancing itself from the other three patch pumpkins until harvest. Most of the main vine Fruit culled off this plant looked similar to this chosen Fruit which ended up being a tall wheel shape, so I think the tall shape on this Fruit was more due to genetics than environmental. The pumpkin was thin around the blossom, but had nice consistent thickness throughout the rest of the Fruit, and was mostly free of internal splits except for a couple minor ones at the blossom end.


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