Why Cheyenne and where I live?


We have had THREE hail storms over three separate days where I live.  My pumpkins are barely holding on.  Last night, the wind blew so hard, my wind fence and my wood fence blew down.  In fact, I have heavy duty metal poles and one of them was bent when the fence blew down.

I have not had a chance to put my hail netting up.  I hope to wake the family up early tomorrow morning for some help and get it installed.  I’ll post some pictures when it’s done.  My daughter already told me we will be the only house with a circus tent.  Hopefully my covenants will allow me to keep this structure up through the summer.  I plan to protect four plants under the netting.  The netting was very expensive, but it will be well worth it if it works.


My plants are way behind and really haven’t grown much for over a month.