Pumpkins require lots of sun and warmth. Pumpkins are a Fruit that seem to grow better with the more sunlight they receive.  Try and pick a location that is south facing.  If you live in a colder area like I do, you might want to plant the pumpkins near a brick retaining wall.  This will help protect the plant from early frosts and provide additional heat early during the development of the plant.

You will also want to consider the wind factor if you happen to live in one of the windy areas like Wyoming.  I will be building a wind fence specific to protecting my pumpkin plants this year.  Determine which direction the prevailing winds are coming from and then build a wind fence to absorb the majority of the wind.

If you are planning to grow  a larger Variety or trying to grow a giant pumpkin, you will need lots of room.  It does not take too long before vines are able to consume all of the space you have allocated for the pumpkin.

Choose a location where the soil will drain easily and that the soil is rich in nutrients.  We’ll cover some of these topics more in-depth later.