We participated at the Nick’s weigh off this weekend.  We pulled the pumpkin this Tuesday and tried to keep it as cool as possible.  I really didn’t know how much weight I would lose, but it was our only opportunity to lift the giant pumpkin from the patch.  When we left on Saturday, we had to get the trailer through a snow drift in front of our driveway to head out to the competition.  The wind was blowing 35 mph and the temperature was 24 without the windchill.  It is crazy that traveling a 100 miles changes the weather so much.  When we arrived, we shed our coats and enjoyed the company of the other growers who participated in the sunny and windless day.

A big thanks to Nicks for hosting this event!

I was traveling down in hopes to win the Howard Dill Award and ended up winning 1st place and the Howard Dill Award.  My pumpkin’s final weight was 1065 lbs.  I was extremely excited that I broke the 1/2 ton barrier.

Final pumpkin picture.


The Leader-board


Me holding the Nick’s Trophy and my two new plaques.

winningsAnd of course, we were greeted back to Cheyenne by our Wyoming wind.  






I was thrilled that my family was able to attend with me.  We enjoyed everyone’s company and the event ran extremely smooth.  I was impressed how fast Nick’s was able to get the pumpkins to the scale.  The RMGVG ran another successful weigh-off and all had fun.

Thank you everyone!