There was a post on asking about how the 1770.5 Lieber seed did.  As with a lot of seeds, growers have varying luck.  There were personal bests set with this seed and others had problems.  I must of have been one of the lucky ones.

The Lieber plant has been the best plant that I have ever grown.  The seed was easy to germinate and the plant was an aggressive grower.  The leaves and vines were average size and maintained their health through the growing season.  The Fruit was very explosive and I made some major mistakes along the way.  I never imagined that in Cheyenne, WY I would see daily gains between 30-38lbs.  Granted, I only had this for a couple of days, but I was still amazed.  I did not pay close enough attention as to where the vine meets the stem.  The vine stress started pulling the pumpkin off and I did not catch it soon enough.  The pumpkin shutdown for a couple of days while it healed and I never came close to those gains again.

The next mistake that I made was over watering the plant.  The pumpkin quit growing for a couple of days and then started up again after the patch dried out a little.

Here is the current picture

Current Picture of the 1770.5

I did see the yellowing of the leaves, but only on new growth that started after September.

Yellow LeavesI am very happy with the results I saw from this seed.