Standing on Giant PumpkinI had a successful end to my growing season.  I have many people to thank for my success through the years that helped me get to this weight, but I’ll only mention a few here.  First, I consider Ron Hoffman my mentor and friend.  He has provided me with a ton of suggestions and guidance and growing a pumpkin of this size would not have been possible without his advice.  Second, Jamie Johnson posts many tips and suggestions on  In my opinion, he does the best job maintaining current information about pumpkin growing. The Biz (Jim Grande), provided me with the best information to germinate my seeds and of course Joe Scherber and Pete Mohr are always willing to provide advice.  Glenna Rea, helped me getting my watering system dialed in.  I’m sure I’ve left others off that definitely deserve credit.  This is just to show that you always need to reach out to growers who are better than you for advice.  Without these contacts throughout the years, I definitely would have struggled.

My 1223 Radach pumpkin weighed in at 1268 for my  personal best.  I then received a 2036 Glasier seed which also grew my second largest pumpkin at 1094.  Many growers that I have encountered are very generous with their seeds and I do appreciate the opportunity to grow them.

As I’m typing this lightning just struck the steel poles I have in the garden.  Maybe this will electrify my soil for next year…ha ha ha.