I sure am hoping to get my pumpkin to Jared’s weigh off this year.  My patch has been cursed this year, but I hope to persevere and get at least one pumpkin to a weigh off.  I wanted to provide a status of my nicest pumpkin as it has been awhile since I have posted anything.

The voles really have taken their toll on my 1244 REA.  They have taken their turns eating on it at different times.  I have found new damage three days in a row from these critters.  I ordered some sulfur dust that was FedEx to my house.  I dumped the dust over all the chew marks and where the skin was missing on the pumpkin.  Hopefully, the sides will not get too soft and last for one more week.  Today, I noticed the nub on the blossom end is black/green and possibly rotting.  I put sulfur dust on it and will check again each day to determine if I should try and surgically remove it and then dust it.  The bigger the pumpkin, the more likely you are going to have problems with it.  I definitely have learned that lesson this year.  Just FYI, my trap caught one vole and Tux the cat caught the other vole.  My other cat is the one who likes to jump on the pumpkins and slide down leaving claw marks.  Almost all of the scratches you see in the photo are from that cat.

I have been applying a ton of fertilizer to the patch the past four days.  The first day, I applied fish emulsion to the patch.  The second day, I applied some micro-nutrients, the third day, I applied 0-10-10 or Morbloom, and today I applied some calcium.  I figure at this point in time, I can push the plant as much as possible.

Good Luck Everyone!!!!! I am really looking forward seeing your giants at the weigh offs.