2011-Ron Hoffman Breaks Wyoming's Biggest Pumpkin Record 1012

2011-Ron Hoffman Breaks Wyoming's Biggest Pumpkin Record 1012

2010-1000 Pound Pumpkin Grown in Wyoming

2010-Ron Hoffman breaks his own record again with this 1000 pound pumpkin grown in Riverton, WY!

I have had the opportunity to experiment and grow many different varieties of pumpkins. As you may be aware, it can be difficult growing pumpkins in areas with a short growing season. Adding hail, sustained winds, early frosts, and a dry climate, will make it challenging to be successful. The following are varieties I’ve had success with:

Aspen (F1 Hybrid)I like this Variety for the size and speed it grows.  It requires little space and grows in a bush similar to a zucchini.  They have been consistently around 20 pounds with a nice dark green stem.  When I buy pumpkin seeds, I’ve had very good luck purchasing them from http://www.howarddill.com/seed.html

Neon-If you want to have pumpkins before the first frost, then I recommend this Variety.  I have grown a few of these every year and each plant will contain 5 to 6 pumpkins.  They are always ripe before the first frost and the small kids love that they can pick them up.  They’re  a good shape with a dark green stem.  However, if you are planning to have a good face for carving, this Variety is a little small.

Howden-If you want to grow a pumpkin like you see in the stores, then choose the Howden seed.  I have had really good luck with this and grown some nice 25 + pound nicely shaped pumpkins.  This Variety might not ripen all the way before the first frost hits.

Atlantic Dill-The giant among all big pumpkins is the Atlantic Dill.  I set my personal best record by growing a 660 pound pumpkin in 2011.