Well, today was a very scary day.  My wife called me at work and told me a major thunderstorm was heading our way.  They were predicting ping pong size hail with 60 mph wind.  She told me that her and the kids would tighten down the hail netting before the storm came.  After they started adjusting the netting, a HUGE gust of wind came.  Now, it’s Cheyenne, WY and gusts of wind in this weather are probably at least 60 mph.  Somehow, it blew the hail netting so hard, it got caught on some areas of my wind fence and ripped.  They had abandoned their efforts since the rain had started coming down as well.

When I made it home, I could tell the hail netting was only a few feet off of the ground.  We immediately pulled together and started patching the hail netting between storms.  The wind had bent the steel posts a little, but it was nothing that we couldn’t throw a quick patch here and there.

I just read Jamie’s latest post on http://denverpumpkins.com/ and his pumpkins are 12 feet out and have been pollinated.  I feel fortunate to have two pumpkins that are each six feet out and might be pollinated next week.  My goal is still to reach 500lbs this year and if the weather doesn’t destroy my patch, I’m still hopeful.