SnowI have not officially talked about the start of my 2014 pumpkin growing season yet since it is having it’s challenges.  I was planning on growing several seeds from Joe Scherber and a 1495 Stelts seed this year, but unfortunately they had problems or did not germinate.  I practiced with my own seeds in advance to try and perfect my technique, but I’m confident that the soil was too moist and I didn’t use enough heat this year which  caused the failure of the seeds.  I am having to go with my backup plants which I am not sure if they are frozen or alive.  As I’m typing this, I’m in a hotel room, hoping that my heat lamps are still turning on and that the hoop houses can survive high teens/low twenty’s.  I will ask my family to investigate tomorrow morning and take a peak to see if they made it through the cold snap.

The photo above is snow that we received on Sunday and Monday.  The drift is over 4 feet and I had to plow the driveway entrance twice to get the vehicles out.  We had sustained 30+ mph wind two weeks previously that shredded my wind fence which is the same material they use around tennis courts.

The weekend is supposed to be close to 70 degrees.  When I get home, I will start another round of backup plants and look forward to the warmer days ahead.