I heard Day weather http://www.dayweather.com predict the storm we experienced today.  I guess the worst of it happened around 3:00 pm today.  My kids told me it was raining and blowing so hard they couldn’t see anything and decided to go downstairs in case a tornado hit.  It was probably their excuse to go play video games.  The wind was extremely powerful again.  My entire patch is protected on every side and it still uprooted a side vine on one of my pumpkin plants.  Several of the vines that were buried completely were not buried anymore by the time I arrived at home.  The pumpkins that were outside my hail netting looked like someone had taken a shotgun to the leaves.  I’m sure they will recover in a couple of weeks.  You can view a picture of the hail here.  http://www.facebook.com/pumpkinfanatics


I spent the next hour repairing the pumpkins(reburying the pumpkin vines).  Since my leaves are not big and green, but smaller and light green, I dumped four pounds of ammonia sulfate on four of my plants.  I did water them down hoping I didn’t burn them, but that they will take advantage of the nitrogen.  Only time will tell over the next couple of days.


The night before I was doing research on how I was going to get my well water’s PH in check.  It’s currently measuring a PH of 8.0 and my soil is at 7.8.  It looks like I will need to build an acid injection system into my drip system to help lower my PH.  Hopefully, I will determine how to do this in the next couple of weeks.