Hi All!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to post an update for everyone.  My 1308 Todd seed named Sam, has really taken off.  It is 30 inches in circumference and pure glossy white.  Here is the big goof I did.  I was hammering in my re-bar that I was going to put my PVC piping over to make a shade house, and accidentally placed it right next to the main vine.  Low and behold, the re-bar cut into the main vine.  Then when I was placing the tarp over the pumpkin, it fell off the PVC and scratched it.  I also had to pull tap roots four feet out on each side of the pumpkin.  I really hate doing that, especially since I ended up pollinating this one 6 feet from the main vine.  I know you are ideally supposed to be around 10 to 12 feet out, but since our growing season is short, I decided to keep that one.  I’m culling all the other pumpkins off tomorrow on this plant.

I also placed a tarp over my 1167 pumpkin named Independent.  It’s 27.5 in circumference and very yellow.  I’m hoping for a pretty orange one on this plant.

The best shaped little pumpkin that I’ve ever pollinated is the 856 Hoffman.  It’s perfectly round and I crossed her with the 1167 Courson.  Ideally, many pumpkin growers like the oblong ones to go for the record.  However, I am trying to grow the biggest, roundest, orange pumpkin possible.  I noticed it went 8% heavy so I have a lot of hope for this one.

My son is growing the 1177 Conely.  He has vines going everywhere and a lot of work cut out for him. Also, my daughter is growing the 1306 Mohr seed.  Unfortunately, it was not covered under our hail netting and looks less than impressive.  I have hope that some new leaves will continue to generate, but it has numerous holes through the plant.  At least it didn’t get leveled like our zucchini did.  Alisha really wanted to bring a record breaking zucchini to the Rocky Mountain Grower’s weigh off.  That won’t be happening this year.